Monday, 31 August 2015

Upcoming gig in Chester

We have a gig in Chester at the Compass, City Road (ex-Joneses Wine Bar) this coming Friday evening - 4th September
I hope you can all make it for that.  There are some other acts on too and it will be a really good night.

There is also a new CD-R available. It is called Roll the Overhead Projector EP. It has 4 tracks and is a fully realised production of some of my own songs.  The first 50 copies are limited hand-numbered ones. Alternatively you can download it.  You can explore it here....

Friday, 14 August 2015

We had a great time at Northern Green Gathering and the weather was good too.  I thought I'd post the set we did at the Acoustic Stage on the Friday.  Hope you like it......

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Upcoming gigs July/ August 2015

Hi there all!

Here are some of the gigs I'll be doing in the near future

9th July (Thursday) - Chemic Tavern, Leeds - open mic session
16th July (Thursday) - Chemic Tavern, Leeds - open mic session

2nd August (Sunday) - Seeds event @ Alexanders Garden, Chester - 8pm

7th August (Friday)  -  Northern Green Gathering, Derbyshire Dales, (near Ashbourne)
                                        I am looking forward to this one.  Festival action!   -  7pm

(NB 29th August date now postponed to)  4th September (Friday) - The Compass, City Road, Chester

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Upcoming gigs June 2015

I will be playing the following gigs this June -

Friday 5th June - Cherry Orchard, Chester - open mic session
Sunday 7th June - Telford's Warehouse, Chester - open mic session
Thursday 11th June - Chemic Tavern, Leeds - open mic session

Thursday 25th June - Telford's Warehouse, Chester - Flipside Radio concert.
                                                          (Probably do a half-hour set at this one.)

Those are the only definite ones so far.  I will be doing others too, but I cannot confirm where and when just yet. Watch this space......      

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Monday, 27 April 2015

Flipside Radio

I had a busy weekend  just gone.  Rehearsing with Thor on Thursday. Then playing the open mic down at the Cherry Orchard on the Friday 24th April.  Then the Flipside Radio session on the Saturday. And on Sunday 26th playing at Telford's.  Dan Schott kindly shot some video footage of the Telford's session, which I might post later.

The Flipside session link is here.....the songs are
1. Green Fields of England - 2. Sunrise - 3. Jackdaw Alien

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Cherry Orchard and Telford's

I will be playing at the Cherry Orchard again this coming Friday evening (17th April).  Thor will be with me as usual on bass, supplying a solid foundation.  I am looking forward to it, as ever.  I can't make it to the Telford's session on Sunday though.  I have to get back to Leeds before then.

I was in Chester at Easter weekend and enjoyed playing at the Cherry on Good Friday.  We did four songs, namely - "Strangers Outside My Door", "Green Fields of England", "The Burning Tree" and "Sunrise".  I was pleased that my elder brother, Bob, and his family came to see me.  I think it was the first time he, or any of them, had ever seen me play live.  They seemed to enjoy it!

I also played the Telford's session on Easter Sunday.  We only got to play two songs, as it was very busy with a circus theme, hosted by Rusty.  The two songs were - "Strangers Outside My Door" and "Sunrise".  My younger brother, Dave, came to see us at Telford's........he ended up drinking a bit too much by the end of the night, and had an enormous hangover the next day.   He still managed to get up and come round in the morning, helping us put our shed together on the allotment - much appreciated Dave!!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Playing at Telford's Sunday 1st Feb

I will be playing Telford's Warehouse, Chester again this coming Sunday 1st Feb.
The remarkable Thor Brown will be on bass, of course!

I hope you can all make it!  Tell all your friends! Bring your pets not the pets!

I have not decided on which songs we'll be doing this time......let it be a surprise!...

I have had a cold all this last week, but I'm sure I'll be fine by the time Sunday rocks and rolls around!

Keep warm.....


Shem and Thor at Telford's Warehouse on Sunday 18th January 2015

Friday, 23 January 2015

Telford's 18th January 2015

I did an open mic, with Thor, last weekend at Telford's.  The songs we played were, "Mask" (which we'd never performed live before), "You Take It All", and "Sunrise".
I actually felt more relaxed.  The nerves I often experience were not a problem this time.  Nerves affect my singing, sometimes!
Karen filmed it on her phone.  An audio recording was also made on my portable Tascam device. I put the two together (I used the sound from the audio recording, as it is much better than the phone recording).
I am reasonably happy with two of the recordings.  I have put "You Take It All" on youtube, which you can see here -

The other song is "Sunrise", which I'll post later
See you soon,

IN FACT!.....Here it is -

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Welcome to the Shem Sharples site!


Welcome to my new blog site!
This one is dedicated to my singer-songwriter activity.
It was created on 14th January 2015, so I will be building it up gradually from now.
Please keep popping back.....

Have a quick look at my first post below,

Be seeing you!


Shem Sharples - Songs and Open Mic. Activity

Hi all,

 I'm doing an open mic. gig this coming Sunday 18th January 2015 at Telford's, Chester.  Please come along if you can!  I'll be playing some new songs, ones I have never played in public before. Also an older one (or two, if there's time!).  Of course, Thor will be joining me on bass.

 I have been working extensively on getting a lot of my old songs together, beating them into shape, re-writing parts and generally improving them.  Some of these songs are decades old and hardly anyone has ever heard them!
 I have also written a good number of new songs, which nobody else has ever heard yet, (except Karen). I'll introduce them gradually into my sets as time goes.......(check out the open mics!)

 There is a video recording of  "Jackdaw Alien" on Youtube, filmed at Alexanders, Chester, in December.  Check it out here :-


If anyone out there would like us to do a set, or give us some gigs, it would be most welcome. Please get in touch!

Thanks, Shem