Friday, 23 January 2015

Telford's 18th January 2015

I did an open mic, with Thor, last weekend at Telford's.  The songs we played were, "Mask" (which we'd never performed live before), "You Take It All", and "Sunrise".
I actually felt more relaxed.  The nerves I often experience were not a problem this time.  Nerves affect my singing, sometimes!
Karen filmed it on her phone.  An audio recording was also made on my portable Tascam device. I put the two together (I used the sound from the audio recording, as it is much better than the phone recording).
I am reasonably happy with two of the recordings.  I have put "You Take It All" on youtube, which you can see here -

The other song is "Sunrise", which I'll post later
See you soon,

IN FACT!.....Here it is -