Monday, 7 November 2016

This SATURDAY 12th November, at the Golden Eagle

The schedule for this Saturday, 12th November, at the Golden Eagle is as follows:
8-00pm    Schott’s List - DJ set 1
8-30pm    METRO
9-15pm    Schott’s List - DJ set 2

The Shem and Thor duo have worked up a set comprising some twenty-six self-penned songs now.  They will play a selection of about fourteen of these, for this show.  There is a wealth of variety of moods and dynamics amongst them, from the finger-picking, tranquil beauty of Beneath the Copper Beech, to the all-out rockers, like Green Fields of England, with its frenzied harmonica freak-out ending, to the dark, psych-blues-driven explorations of Mask.  It’s well worth tuning into the lyrics too, as many gems are to be found there.  Thor adds some depth as he plays a lively bass with some power, and subtlety where needed, as well as some improvised parts of his own in the exploratory sections.  Shem and Thor take you on a journey through different scenes and emotions.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.
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A Chester trio, playing a range of covers from the likes of Pink Floyd and psych classics.  Paul M.’S rich, dark voice comes on velvet-like over his delicate rhythm guitar, while Vince C. Puts in some lovely psychedelic lead guitar parts and exploratory passages.  Mike Moran ably keeps the drums going throughout, with some flair.

Dan is well known for his support and promotion of the local music scene, being a keen blogger with his schott’s list site, and his work with Flipside, the Chester community radio station, where he has a weekly show.  His DJ sets here will likely be an exciting mix of garage rock, blues, and whatever else he decides to put in the bag.   

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