Friday, 26 May 2017

Golden Eagles

      We are playing a full set at the Golden Eagle on Saturday 3rd June.  We will be exploring a fair-sized chunk of our vast collection of songs (there were 37 in all at last count!).  We're hoping to play for around 90 minutes at the Eagle, which gives us a chance to range into different moods and textures, to take you on a journey.
      We have recently completed recording and mixing the first Shem Sharples album, called ...And The Train Rattled Along....  It will be released this summer, but unfortunately will not be ready in time for the Eagle gig.  
      Our set will include most of the songs from the album, plus plenty of newer ones (many unfamiliar to you), as well as a few older faves.
      Thor will be shaking his head and stomping his feet as he drives the bass along with feeling and conviction.  My guitar ranges from the softer finger-picked vibe, to the energetic chopping rhythm, to the over-driven distorted passages.  The harmonica parts add some extra texture and, in places, frazzled burnouts.  All this in service to my crafted songs and, hopefully, thought-provoking lyrics.  I have also recently found my singing voice,  improving on my previous standards.  I hope you agree.
      Supporting us on the 3rd will be the Dead Grateful (a fine name), who will delicately warm your hearts with some jazz-tinted covers.  The interplay of Paul's warm vocal and guitar, alongside Jon Egerton's tenor sax, evoke the smoky jazz ballads of a bygone era.   Luxurious!    
      Be sure to come along and say hello.

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